Experienced Project Manager

Location: Thane West


Your Role

Oversee the execution of projects from start to finish. Waterfall, Scrumfall, Agile/Scrum.

Ensure that you/your team are working towards WOW’ing your client (internal or external), at all times.

Ensure you’re clear in advance with what your client needs in order to be WOW’ed; suggest and ask for confirmation if you’re not 101% certain.

Help the client feel as though they are sitting with the PRDXN team at all times  achieve this through frequent (at least daily) communication & ensure that the client is always aware of “when they can see what” (proactively set clear expectations, without waiting to be asked).

Ensure that each member of your team is crystal clear with what they need to do and by when they need to do it by facilitate and guide vs. direct/instruct, where possible.

Remove “blockers” for your team; figure out what they need help with and support them in getting it ASAP.

Continuously organize and review the priorities for your project(s) and your team(s).

Ensure this information is transparent/shared and easily accessible by your client.

Your Background/Experience

At least 1.5 years of experience, ideally working for a boutique company/outfit.

You’ve worked on projects for customers that are Western/foreign.

You’ve worked on the following types of projects: Websites, Custom Web Apps, Mobile Apps.

Further JD details and compensation details Here

Job Requirements

Job CategoryProject Manager
Work Experience2 - 4 years
Project Management Skill SetsSee list above
Must HaveExperience with: Developing estimates and proposals. Start-to-finish execution of multiple web and/or mobile projects (or products)
Schooling PreferenceEnglish Medium

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