Experienced Project Manager

Thane West


Your Role

Oversee the execution of projects from start to finish. Waterfall, Scrumfall, Agile/Scrum:

  • Ensure that you/your team are working towards WOW’ing your client (internal or external), at all times.
  • Ensure you’re clear in advance with what your client needs in order to be WOW’ed; suggest and ask for confirmation if you’re not 101% certain.
  • Help the client feel as though they are sitting with the PRDXN team at all times  achieve this through frequent (at least daily) communication & ensure that the client is always aware of “when they can see what” (proactively set clear expectations, without waiting to be asked).
  • Ensure that each member of your team is crystal clear with what they need to do and by when they need to do it by facilitate and guide vs. direct/instruct, where possible.
  • Remove “blockers” for your team; figure out what they need help with and support them in getting it ASAP.
  • Continuously organize and review the priorities for your project(s) and your team(s).
  • Ensure this information is transparent/shared and easily accessible by your client.

Your Background/Experience

  • At least 1.5 years of experience, ideally working for a boutique company/outfit.
  • You’ve worked on projects for customers that are Western/foreign.
  • You’ve worked on the following types of projects: Websites, Custom Web Apps, Mobile Apps.

Further JD details and compensation details Here

Job Requirements

Job CategoryProject Manager
Work Experience2 - 4 years
Project Management Skill SetSee list above
Must HaveExperience with: Developing estimates and proposals. Start-to-finish execution of multiple web and/or mobile projects (or products)
Schooling PreferenceEnglish Medium

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