Web Analyst

Thane (W) (Fulltime) / Remote (Contract)
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Job Information

  • Industry

    Technology Services

  • Work Experience

    2+ years

  • Location

    Thane (W) (Fulltime) / Remote (Contract)

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  • Zip


Your Role

Work with the Axioned team to design and build custom web applications for our clients.

Your Experience:

  • Help the Client feel as though they are sitting with the Axioned team. 
    • Achieve this through frequent (at least daily) AND proactive communication with the Client via chat, calls, emails, etc.
    • Ensure the Client always understands what they can expect to see/hear/read, next, without having to ask.
  • Working with tools like Adobe Analytics, Adobe DTM and Launch.
  • Understanding, plotting and reporting of Adobe Analytics Reporting.
  • Adding tags (for social campaign related or website tracking related)
  • Mapping evars, props and events in Adobe Analytics (event tracking)
  • Analyse and Implement web properties in DTM (Dynamic Tag Management system) based on client requirements.
  • Deploying Event Rules for tracking user activity on the websites.
  • Creating and configuring Report Suites.
  • Creating and managing segments, calculated metrics and rules.Testing and validation of the deployed rules using chrome debugger.
  • Deploying the Page Load Rule for 3rd party marketing tags like Facebook pixels, Google Marketing Tags, etc.
  • Implementing and tracking Customer Journey in Adobe Launch.
  • Creating rules in Adobe Launch for tracking Base Metrics and new custom component tracking on existing and new pages and newly migrated sites to parent domain.
  • Perform in-depth analysis of information from multiple data sources (web analytics data as well as external data) and provide significant insights into factors impacting online results.
  • Produce daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly (as per the requirements) reports relating to outcomes based on the data analysis for various audiences, including management and marketing.
  • Ensure that each member of your team is ALWAYS crystal clear with: what they need to do and by when they need to do it by. Drive frequent in-person/daily discussions with your team(s) to clarify and confirm what needs to get done and what the immediate priorities are.
  • With trust, respect and friendliness, frequently encourage and actively listen to the feedback,  questions, and suggestions, of your entire team (Client, Developers, Testers, PMs, Designers).
  • Constantly be on the look-out for blockers, and remove “blockers”, for your team.
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