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"Big Four" Product Design

Axioned as Tech Product Partner

The Client

This client is the largest of the Big Four accounting, auditing, and business consultancy firms, with a global network of more than 200,000 people in 158 countries, serving clients in sectors ranging from aerospace to healthcare; from charities to utilities.

To help identify and translate an array of industry-diverse opportunities into viable software-as-a-service (SaaS) products for medium and large enterprises, this client created their own in-house “Innovation Team”.

What They Needed

As our client ramped up its innovation efforts, they needed to augment various product teams with creatives/designers experienced in developing products from concept to Beta, to MVP, to market launch. The very first engagement required us to help the client actualize and launch their new SaaS platform.

The Solution

Axioned helped by “parachuting-in” in senior/experienced product designers to work alongside the respective product owners, project managers and Developers/Engineers, through all phases of the product development lifecycle; including strategy, product validation, concepting, UX/UI design and prototyping. A significant portion of the work also involved working tightly with engineering team members to provide ongoing creative iteration support.

The Result

The biggest requirement for this engagement was simply “Trust”… Trust that Axioned would be an adept, agile and nimble partner that could be relied upon to provide creative, product and development services at an enterprise-level. And Trust that Axioned could quickly integrate with teams, provide solutions and adjust focus, competencies and teams as situations shift and evolve.

The first project – the newly launched SaaS platform, a “Digital Platform for Franchises” – was focused on solving for digital marketing challenges facing franchises/franchisees. The “Digital Platform for Franchises” is now a flagship product that the client’s “Innovation Team” uses as a model for ongoing and future product design and build efforts. As a trusted partner, Axioned continues to support this client’s product related design and build needs.