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Heal AppStartup

Axioned as Tech Product Partner

The Client

Created by Tennessee-based Health Consortium LLC, HEAL App lets users set diet and activity goals, log meals, track weight loss progress, and maintain a portable health record.

HEAL also provides access to health education informational and other resources.

What They Needed

The client came to Axioned seeking ways to increase the appeal of HEAL and to boost its user-base.

We teamed up with HEAL’s CTO to explore opportunities and set out how we could help achieve these goals as the project’s creative and technology partner.

The Solution

We split the project up into two phases. At the outset, HEAL App was only available on the iOS platform. Our first project then, was to rebuild HEAL for both iOS and Android using the React Native framework, thereby massively increasing its reach. Once this phase was complete, we added new features to make HEAL the health app of choice for anyone with an iOS or Android device. These included:

  • A generic menu for logging meals, incorporating a comprehensive database of foods and a food packaging barcode scanner. This made it easier for users to log their meals – including restaurant meals.
  • Blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring, with sophisticated analytics that users can share with their doctor, fitness coach, and/or dietician.
  • Integration with Profile® by Sanford®, which offers personalized healthy lifestyle coaching and weight loss programs.

We worked closely with the HEAL App team for a year. As well as a project manager and an assistant product manager, we provided the expertise of mobile app engineers, specialists in React Native, Javascript and CodeIgniter and manual QA testers.

The Result

By making HEAL available for Android users as well as iOS users, we increased its potential US user base by over 107 million* overnight. Also, by building the app using React Native, the client was able to manage both the Android and iOS versions from a single platform.

Finally, by enhancing HEAL with valuable new features, we made a great app even better and more useful for existing and new users, massively extending its reach and appeal.

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