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Tech-Product Co. Service Offering: Technology Partner and Solution Provider

The Client

ClearForMe manages the most comprehensive ingredient database on the market today. Its solution/product targets eCommerce retailers looking to map ingredients across SKUs so that customers can more easily find or eliminate products - with or without specific ingredients.

Back in 2017, the company's founder approached Axioned with this solution/product idea, stemming from her own personal experience with a painful skin allergy caused by a specific dermatology ingredient.

Due to a lack of standardization in ingredient nomenclature used across dermatology products and eCommerce retailers, it was annoyingly difficult for her to figure out which products she could buy/use vs. those she should not. For example: The ingredient “formaldehyde” is often disguised by up to 12 different synonyms and Vitamin C has over 35! 

What They Needed

ClearForMe's goal was (and is) to solve for a lack of standardization in ingredient nomenclature. And to provide for an API-solution to eCommerce retailers that would enable them to “tap into” ClearForMe's proprietary database of product ingredients, synonyms, and definitions, thereby enabling consumers to more easily find or eliminate products containing certain undesirable ingredients.

ClearForMe came to Axioned for support with the initial development, as well as continued roll-out and enhancement of their API/eCommerce solution.

The Solution

The first engagement in the ClearForMe/Axioned partnership was to evaluate and establish an optimal path forward:

  • What will the MVP launch include?
  • How will the MVP be executed, using what technologies or tech-stack?
  • How will it be architected?
  • Which Axioned team members will be needed to execute?
  • How long will it take to execute?
Since its first engagement - as well as the subsequent build-out of ClearForMe's MVP - Axioned continues to support ClearForMe with the ongoing scale and growth of its solution, using an optimal and efficient mix of Axioned developers (MERN stack) and testers, along with the support of a dedicated Project Manager.

The Result

Axioned was able to help ClearForMe go from "idea to launch". Today, Axioned continues to support the scale and growth of the ClearForMe solution, as well as its vision for the future when it comes to supporting eCommerce experiences that help consumers more swiftly find or eliminate products that meet their needs.

For more on ClearForMe, see here: ClearForMe