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The Client

The Economist Group is a global media company founded in 1843 and headquartered in London.

A long-standing client of Axioned, they specialise in international business and world affairs across disciplines including print, digital media, market intelligence and, as was the focus of this project, in-person, virtual and hybrid conferences.

What They Needed

Working with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, one of the world’s largest global trade and investment hubs, The Economist Group needed websites and mobile apps to support three global events between October 2021 and March 2022.

With attendees including heads of state and influential business leaders from Asia, Africa and Latin America the digital experience needed to be seamless, functional and secure. As well as providing vital information about the events and the ability to register, the mobile applications needed to support attendees in arranging meetings and making connections with other delegates during the event itself.

The Solution

Axioned provided an end-to-end solution for the Economist Group. From designing and building the website, setting up event registration workflows to launching a scalable and robust mobile app experience for one of the world’s largest global trade and investment hubs (DCCI).

Built on the multi-channel, decoupled architecture – the Web and the App experience is fueled by React with the back-end administration being hosted and managed on WPEngine.

The Result

In providing 4 websites and 3 unique apps to support the 3 events, all on the same back-end infrastructure, Axioned helped the client to deliver a seamless experience to attendees while providing powerful tools to the event organizers to ensure the in-person and online attendees were able to derive the most value possible from the events.

Supporting over 6,000 attendees across the three events, the digital experience allowed delegates to register, connect with fellow delegates and set-up and manage thousands of one-to-one meetings through the bespoke mobile app.

Tech Stack Details:


  • Omni-channel Content Management System (Omni-channel = one source for all
    platforms (3 mobile apps, 4 websites)
  • Decoupled/Jamstack approach
  • Front-end built on Gatsby (React)
  • Google Analytics/GTM
  • Custom integration with Evidon and Cvent

Tech Stack Details, Continued:

Mobile Applications (Android and iOS):

  • React Native
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging for push notifications
  • Passwordless logins


  • WPEngine for hosting
  • Github for CI/CD
  • AWS S3 + CloudFront for static front-end distribution and CDN
  • Google Firebase for Android App distribution
  • TestFlight for iOS App (tester) distribution