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Axioned as Digital User Experiences Partner

The Client

Steelcase is an international designer and builder of cool, comfortable, functional workplace furniture. With annual revenues over $3 billion and 12,000 employees, the business is a global industry leader.

Today, Axioned works closely with Steelcase, assisting with the support of day-to-day web/mobile and Adobe Analytics/data-related needs.

What They Needed

Given the nature of its business, Steelcase’s team was often overwhelmed with various content workflow requirements. They needed a partner/team that could reduce such pressure quickly and seamlessly.

In mid-2017, we demonstrated we could do just that – we’ve been a trusted partner ever since!

As Steelcase prepared for a complete migration from one content management system (CMS) to another, several needs arose. Specifically:

  • Tools and processes to enable a partner such as Axioned to assist
  • Automated workflow systems – in the existing manual system, people would receive content administration requests via forms and emails, assign them to team members, and perform follow-ups by email -- not the ideal!
  • A solution to make it easy for end users to navigate the new Steelcase website

The Solution

The first thing we did was set-up tools and processes that allowed our team to augment and support the team at Steelcase.

We then recommended – and helped set up – Zendesk. This meant we could manage Steelcase’s workflow in a single platform, allowing their teams to handle and delegate tasks and assignments routinely.

Finally, we implemented the SnapEngage chatbot. Now, consumer access to Steelcase customer service is immediate and available around the clock... because their agents across different time zones can now chat with site visitors and guide them around the website.

The Result

By partnering with Steelcase on day-to-day operations, we enabled them to take on more – and increasingly diverse - challenges. And, by ensuring outstanding quality, we’ve become an extension of the Steelcase digital team, readily sharing its workload.

Through SnapEngage, Steelcase agents have enhanced and accelerated the way they direct vendors, clients and customers to the content they need. Gone are the days of frustrating back-and-forth communications and the uncertainties inherent in email.

Today, the focus of our partnership with Steelcase is on content management across multiple web properties, as well as Adobe Launch/web-performance analytics support. We’re there whenever the Steelcase digital team needs assistance and we remain available for consultation with respect to their various web properties.