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Axioned as Digital User Experiences Partner

The Client

With 35 years experience enabling business formation in the United States for both residents and non-residents, USA Corporate Services provides a host of educational information and content for potential clients. When we were introduced to the company, they had been using a live, human-driven chat feature on their website to drive client engagement.

Axioned had been working with USA Corporate Service’s communications agency, and after analysis, it was determined that our team would be able to effectively and successfully assist with this task.

What They Needed

Prior to our engagement, USA Corporate Services was using a live, human-driven chat service with mixed results. On the plus side, Website visitors could immediately engage with a company representative for help with the company’s services. However, such a service is essentially a “good news-bad news” situation, given that one of the features of a live, human-driven chat service is the ability for a company representative to respond immediately. The good news is that it provides immediate engagement between the potential customer and the company. The website visitor has access to reliable answers to questions, keeping the visitor on site. The bad news is each engagement might occupy up to 20 minutes of time for the company rep. And time is money!

The Solution

After weighing the costs and benefits, Axioned determined that a smart chatbot, driven by Google’s natural language understanding platform, Dialogflow, could be used not only to adequately engage website visitors, but also capture the potential lead within the client’s Salesforce CRM (customer relationship management) tool. This would eliminate the need for live human engagement, and also the time required to manually copy, paste, and edit details of the interaction into the CRM.

With a team of engineers fluent in WordPress, JavaScript, Dialogflow, and Pardot (the Salesforce CRM system), along with a quality assurance (QA)/user experience tester and project manager, we developed a customized chatbot that would both reduce the reliance on human-intervention via an error-prone manual “copy-paste” scenario and improve website conversions.

The Result

While results are still emerging it appears that the Chatbot is a resounding success. The USA Corporate Team has additional time to devote to more productive endeavors. People are immediately informed that they are dealing with a bot and not a live human. Visitors to the company website are able to get immediate answers to detailed questions.

Another added benefit for customers is that an automated bot vs. a live bot has endless patience! So a potential customer can leave the site, do something else, and come back to a conversation without having to be concerned about inconveniencing human anyone. USA Corporate’s website engagement times are improving, since the chatbot does not in any way “pressure” a response.