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Axioned as Tech Product Partner

The Client

Culture15 is a platform that allows organizations to put culture at the heart of business performance.

Culture15’s culture analytics platform enables CEOs and exec teams to define the culture they need, diagnose the culture they have and track progress as they close the gap.

What They Needed

World-leading companies have used the Culture15 framework for years, to drive high performance by getting their culture right. However the process involved manual data gathering, extraction, cleansing and analysis. In order to scale the business and deliver culture diagnostics to wider global client base, it was vital to automate and streamline the collection, calculation and visualisation of data.

As a result of achieving this outcome, Culture15 is accelerating growth with a powerful analytics platform, while the team can focus their efforts on high impact activities.

The Solution

In order to allow Culture15 to focus more on their business and grow their client base, Axioned assisted in automating the existing/manual framework by developing a standalone, fully interactive, visually appealing Dashboard using a well-structured tech stack of Strapi/Node and React with role-based access that can help create organizations and/or partners who can further create Surveys.

The data is subsequently collected by the Reporting Dashboard and presented in forms of visualizations such as graphs, pie charts, and maps, with these reports being exportable to CSV for further operational uses.

The Result

In the first few months of operation, the platform Axioned has built has already helped the Culture15 team to deliver and gather results from thousands of surveys, across several clients; something that would have previously taken a significant amount of time and manual efforts to gather, analyze and present.

Tech Stack Details:

  • Node/Strapi CMS
  • React