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Evoke Kyne

Axioned as Digital User Experiences Partner

The Client

Evoke Kyne is an award-winning communications agency that harnesses insight, experience and creativity to address some of today’s biggest health issues. They have significant experience working with foundations and non-profits, government organizations, as well as pharmaceutical and biotech companies – around the world.

One of their most well-recognized strengths is their ability to create and deliver programs that achieve real change; leveraging their skills, expertise and passion to break down barriers. Adept at breaking down complex science, elevating innovative therapies and vaccines, and creating a reason to believe for stakeholders, the Evoke Kyne team brings purpose to the forefront.

What They Needed

Evoke Kyne’s Global Head of Digital originally came to Axioned (né PRDXN) in 2019 to support the bringing to life of various web-based user experiences. As a communications agency focused on strategy, branding, and communications, Evoke Kyne wanted to leverage Axioned’s experience in developing and launching web-based digital user experiences.

The Solution

Since Axioned’s initial engagement with Evoke Kyne in 2019, Axioned has gone on to support the Evoke Kyne team with designing, developing, and launching various other health-related websites; including the design and build of informative and educational digital experiences for prominent, globally-renowned pharmaceutical brands.

The Result

One of Evoke Kyne’s key beliefs is that communication is a powerful health intervention. As their partner for both the design and build of web-based user experiences, Axioned has consistently benchmarked our solution decisions against this powerful mantra – “communication as intervention”.

Some of the technologies we’ve used across Evoke Kyne projects, have included:

  • A decoupled CMS (content management system) website. CMS: WordPress. Front-end: Gatsby (based on React).
  • Netlify; for hosting, CDN, survey forms.
  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager, with custom event tracking, for tracking key user interactions.